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The Problem In My Headphones

We all are taught many proper values and morals in our growing up years (be kind to others, say you're sorry, share the things you have, etc) but we never really learn these things until we experience them for ourselves. Throughout the recording process, a valuable lesson on communication, a lesson I was taught long ago was truly comprehended through experience. On one of my final studio days, I was recording the lead vocal tracks for one of my tunes but as I was recording, something was off and I couldn't sing the song well. The thing that was off had nothing to do with my voice at all, there was just a small delay in my headphones which made it hard to hear myself and even harder to hear musical cues. Eventually, after I had done four full passes, my producer caught the delay and told me that all I needed to do was tell him about the delay and he would have fixed it. I honestly don't know why I thought me telling him about the problem in my headphones would have been a burden on him, that was his job and he wasn't the one wearing the headphones, so how could he have known what I was going through? I learned that day that proper communication is not as scary as it seems. Sometimes we have issues with our headphones, feelings going on inside of us that are causing us to not preform as best we can... feelings of stress, worry, guilt, fear, etc. and because the people around us aren't wearing our headphones, they can't hear the problem. As someone who hates controversy, I am very aware that it's hard to talk about difficult things going on in our hearts, especially if there is the possibility of hurting or disappointing another person, but I've learned and am still learning that it is far better to have said something and disappointed someone than to put on the headphones, turn up the volume, and block them out. I've also learned that most of the time, the problem in our headphones can be solved as easily as pushing a button. For example, if the problem in our headphones is guilt, usually the minute we tell another person we trust, that feeling of guilt is diminished and that fear of talking about it is gone! So if you are going through something difficult, don't delay, talk about it.

To update you on the process of my album, I received my final mastered copy on Monday and the physical copies are being shipped any day now. My classmates and I will official release our albums on April 25th at our release concert in Three Hills, AB. I've listened to my album top to bottom at least a dozen times already and I am filled with anticipation to share it with the public! Have a great weekend everyone!

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